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A Houseman Guide : How to Survive Your First Posting

It's been a whole month since my last entry here and I'm truly sorry for the lack of updates. I promise there are so many things I can't wait to share but right now, I'm inspired to share my two cents worth of opinion on the short film, Budak Baru above. (*Beware, lengthy but worthy post ahead*) If you all have not watch it, this short film is about the experience of a newbie aka first poster starting her inaugural journey as a houseman in one of the Malaysia hospital. Interestingly enough, as life as a housemen in Malaysia has always been the talk of the town, with so much focus center on the welfare of housemen so much so it seems the medical officers and specialists welfare are simply neglected, it is not surprising as to how fast this video had gone viral all over facebook and youtube.

To begin with, this short film while depicting the harsh reality of what some new housemen had to endure, it doesn't happen to every housemen in Malaysia. I, for one, had met very good senior housemen, MOs and specialists during my first posting. The above situation only occurred because the senior houseman (Dr Azmy) is one of the typical example of a bad senior houseman, one who does not want to spend time teaching his juniors, probably got so fed up and stress from the long tiring hours of working that he is losing his passion in this profession and one who is not exactly the most helpful person around. The female MO/ specialist in the video is also not one of the nicest boss around; discriminating and impatient. The good news is, there are plenty of really nicer senior housemen, MOs and specialists around that are not like them.

So to all future housemen, if you are like Azlin, the budak baru, the new kid in the hospital, some of you might get culture shock especially if you graduated from overseas and are not familiar with our local hospital setting. On your first day, you'll probably felt all pumped up with mix feelings, starting at a remotely unfamiliar place with unfamiliar faces, feeling optimistic yet kind of scare, wanting to help yet do not know where to start. You might meet good seniors and bosses and your picture of what housemanship is like will be brighter and happier but if you happen to come across senior housemen and MOs/specialists like them, I can see how you will easily get dejected and discouraged. Hence, I hope these tips that I had gathered from my time as a housemen working under the shift system (yes, go ahead and breath a sign of relief. You don't have to work 36 hours on call straight anymore) will be able to help you survive your first posting and subsequently, your housemanship. I wasn't a perfect houseman, I made mistakes and I got my fair share of ups and downs too, but at least I think I survived my housemanship pretty well with these tips.

Stick with the triple H- humble, hardworking and helpful. Nobody likes an arrogant, lazy and calculative kid or colleague. Period. We (I) don't care if you are the top grad from your uni or if you are Mr/Ms-Know-it-All but at times, knowledge alone is insufficient. You need experience as well. Always stay humble, do not assume yourself to be above anyone. Do not pick up the lazy traits from your colleagues around and do not be calculative either. Some people are just so plain lazy they are always skiving or coming up with the most amazing excuses to not finish their jobs before passing over. And I realized with the shift system especially, many housemen are getting more and more calculative. They divide their patients so fiercely that even though in some situations where their colleagues have to run up, down, left, right everywhere in the hospital because the patients that they are in charged of that day all need extensive plans, the rest of them who are already 'free' are not willing to help out this poor colleague. In the end, this poor HO will have no lunch and probably have to go back late because no one is willing to help him/her out just because they are "not in charge of that patient". Many specialists used to and still do always said that in their times, there's no such thing as division of patients. If one ward had 30 patients, all patients are under your care and you have to know each of them inside out. But now that the number of housemen are increase, you don't have to cover 30 patients anymore most of the time and if you are lucky, you only cover 4-5 patients a day. So, if you have attitude problems, then you'll probably gonna have a hard time adjusting and coping with your housemanship because your bosses don't like you and if your colleagues don't like you too, no one is going to guide you and trust me, you will need a lot of guidance to survive your housemanship.

Every posting that you start with, you'll start with a period known as the 'tagging' period. This 'tagging' period is the time for you to learn the most essential stuff you need to know about the posting. Since it is your first posting and if you have zero idea about a houseman job, start learning everything from the scratch. From how to clerk a patient (which will differ from what you learn during your medical school days) to how to do referrals to how to get xray appointments to how to talk to relatives to your daily bread and butter of blood taking and branulas setting, pick up these things from your seniors. Follow them around and get them to teach you how to do these things. And then put what you had learn into practice. And since it's likely a 'monkey see monkey do' situation, pick the right people to learn from. A senior who is willing to teach you and not one like Azmy preferably. If you work in a computer based hospital, you will need to learn about how their IT system works as well. In the medical world, it is important to act fast so try to pick things up fast too because the faster you are able to work, the less stressful and less scoldings you will get eventually.

We understand, you want to be polite and nice but really, sometimes wards can get really busy and crazy and everyone has to be running around trying to complete their job as soon as possible before the MOs/ specialists come for rounds so asking 'what you can do to help' when you are probably clueless to everything that they are doing at that moment is probably not going anywhere. Unless you already know how to take blood and set lines from your medical student days, you are really of not much help at that moment, so don't offer something that you can't do. Instead, you can ask if you can run along with them, observe what they do and learn from there. The only way you can make yourself feel useful is probably by doing all the 'odd' jobs that they have no time doing. Some might bully you by asking you to do their jobs as well even though they are not busy but just take it as opportunities to learn. After all, there is no loss from doing more, remember rule no.1.

It's normal and common for first posters to be blur. There's plenty you still do not know of. After all, theories and practicals can be so different at times. So don't be shy or egoistic to ask  for help when you do not know what to do. Even MOs and specialists seek help from each other from time to time when we met situations we could not handle, so there's no shy in asking for help. Life and death is but a normal human cycle, so you'll definitely encounter a lot of patients collapsing and death in this line of work. Hence when you encounter a patient who collapsed right in front of your eyes for the very first time, you might be like Azlin, totally stunned and do not know what to do. And if you so happen to unfortunately be the only houseman in the ward with no other colleagues to help you, your only choice will be to call your boss aka MO. PLEASE DO CALL FOR HELP FROM YOUR MO IF YOU REALLY HAVE NO OTHER COLLEAGUES TO HELP YOU. Yes, you might get scolding later from your MO for not knowing how to resuscitate a patient but if it's a fact that you really do not know how to resuscitate, then acknowledge it. At least, do not put your patient's life at stake because of your own fear, incompetency or shyness.

Revise your knowledge and practice on your skills. There's no other shortcuts in picking up skills even simple ones such as line setting and blood taking other than through plenty of practice. During your tagging period, volunteer to help set lines and take blood.  Learn, learn and learn and then put them into practice.

It's also common to be scolded by MOs and specialists because even senior posters make mistakes, what's more if you are new. Take those scoldings or sarcasms as lessons to improve and motivate yourself further. It can sometimes make you feel very depressed or not appreciated but don't give up easily. After all, even though there exist a 5% of MOs and specialists who like to scream, use unkind words or bombard housemen at all times, most of us do not like scolding housemen for nothing. If there's no reason, we do not like to yak at you either. So, if you are getting a lot of scoldings, re-evaluate yourself too.

So, after rounds you might be thrown 1001 management plans to carry out and while it is true you need to learn how to prioritize your duty, never lose your compassion towards your patients. If not you'll only end up working like a robot every single day. Treat your patients and their family with dignity and all due respect. Most family members will like to know about their family condition as well and sometimes their understanding of the patient's condition can help you in the management of the patient. You don't have to do it in the midst of being very busy but you should always find time to get back to them. Take time to speak to them politely even though some family members can be very demanding, difficult or arrogant. But put yourself in their shoes and I'm sure you'll feel equally anxious if your family member(s) is admitted.

Yes, it's your responsibility to review and examine all the patients (or the ones you are in charged) every time before rounds, regardless of whether it's the morning, noon or night round. When reviewing patients, you not only review their progress, but their latest and up to date investigations, output, intake or any other issues related to that patient especially for the morning rounds. Do not simply try to 'kelentong' your MOs and specialists the progress of patients, examination findings or investigations results just because you didn't had enough time to review them. It's actually a very dishonest, disgraceful and irresponsible act that has the potential to harm your patients so don't feel too good or too proud of yourself after doing such an act. If you know you will get scolded for not reviewing your patients well and know that you need more time to review them, then come early to work. I know it can be tiring but at times, you just got to do what you need to do. If you want to feel appreciated and gain respect, then earn it. Don't lose the trust your bosses put upon you. And most importantly, by lying about a patient's condition, you are just jeopardizing your patient's health. So, you totally defeated your purpose of wanting to help people.

Nobody ever promise it's going to be easy being a doctor. All those movies or dramas you watch on tv makes a doctor's life appear pretty cool and good but in actual fact, there's a lot of sacrifices you have to make to appear cool and good at the end of the day. If you are already having cold feet after watching the video, it's still not too late to change your mind about being a doctor. Otherwise, even after knowing that it is going to be a stressful, tiring and sometimes not as rewarding as you had thought it to be profession and you still want to stick to it, then you gotta have a lot of determination and passion. Always remind yourself the reason you chose to stick to this profession whatever it might be when you feel like giving up. (maybe you can find one of the reasons why you had wanted to do medicine here)

While not all hopes are loss, for there are still good housemen around, there are certainly the black sheep of the family too. So please do not pass on the vicious cycle of bullying or looking down on junior housemen. If you had been through the bullying or having to struggle without guidance, you know how it feels like so put a stop to the vicious cycle and guide and help them instead. It's also time we stop judging the capability of people just because of where they grad from. Some of these overseas grad may be slow at the beginning because of culture shock, but they are actually good and some even better than some of those grads that are supposedly from more reputable varsities but have poor attitudes such as being plain selfish and conceited. Judging someone by where they grad from is as discriminating as judging someone by the state they come from.

Housemanship may be tough, but it can also be a very enjoyable period. Truly, there's no one profession that is really easy no matter how breezy they seems. The grass just always seems greener on the other side. Thus, since you have sign up to be a doctor, going through housemanship is just part and parcel of it. Don't give up or get discouraged easily and don't do unto others what you do not want unto yourself. Housemanship is a time for you to learn and face the reality of a doctor's life. If you think that you can't take housemanship, then maybe this profession is really not cut out for you. Otherwise, good luck with your housemanship and hope the guide above helps in some way or another at some point in your houseman life. :)

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Harbour Cafe at Traders Hotel Johor Bahru

I know it's been quite a while since I wrote something here and I had so many adventures I can't wait to share but the new year had been a pretty busy one for me. From traveling to work, 24 hours just doesn't seem enough. The one thing about training as an Anaesth MO is the long tagging period. Ok, before anyone gets confuse with this whole tagging thing, in our medical world, it simply just means working more hours or doing on calls with a more senior colleague so that we can learn and be guided during this period till we are 'independent' enough to do calls on our own. In conclusion, tagging period are always the most tiring period of working. And the worst part of taking a long break in a short month (February) is that you will spent the remaining of the month working 24 hours with rest time of less than 24 hours in between before you start another 24 hours of crazy routine being stuck in the hospital. In times like this, good food always makes me a little happier so I'm going to share about one of the nicer buffet place I managed to try over Valentine's about a fortnight ago.

Valentine's Day this year was really special because it so happen to coincide with the last day of the Lunar New Year which, by the Chinese culture is also the 'Chinese Valentine's Day'. Hence, you can imagine what a loving day 14 February was suppose to be this year. Many said we don't need a certain day just to celebrate love and I agree, but it's a perfect day of excuse to go try something or do something together. And this year, we decided to skip the usual cliche 3-course-overprice-meal in some overrated restaurant and go for buffet instead. Overlooking the Puteri Harbour, Traders Hotel is conveniently accessible from Johor Bahru town via the Nusajaya highway in less than 30 minutes. Legoland is just minutes away while the Hello Kitty Sanrio theme park and Little Red Cube are literally right next to it.

As cliche as it may be, it's always nice to receive a bouquet of roses at any time of the year

Harbour Cafe has a very welcoming ambiance with friendly staff greeting you all the way the moment you stepped into the restaurant. I was so bedazzled by their food selections and every one of their food item appeared so mouth watering. Seriously, tell me how can anyone try all of their food when there is possibly more than a hundred type of food to choose from. The restaurant is divided into a few main sections like the 'appetizer and salad', the 'Indian corner' with a clay oven, the 'Chinese corner' with a noodle station and brewing pots of stew soups, the 'pasta' section, the 'Japanese corner', the much anticipated 'fresh seafood corner' and of course, the much love dessert corner.
This is honestly like everyone's most anticipated corner at the restaurant. It seems everyone goes to a Traders buffet just to whack themselves silly with these. Blanched seafood serve cold on ice to be eaten in their most original flavour
From flower crabs to mussels, prawns, local crabs, crab legs and clams, I'm actually surprised oysters are not in the list. Well, not that I'm a fan of oysters, but I always thought the oysters are one of the permanent residents on a tray of cold blanched seafood
When seafood are serve blanched cold, it is of utmost important for them to be really fresh or else they will really have a musty, stale taste. I must say, though their seafood are generally fresh, some of the local crabs we took had actually turned bad
Our next favourite corner is the Japanese corner. Aside from freshly sliced sashimis and sushi, they also have cold soba and tempuras
Om nom nom. Fresh and delicious, many around us opt to just go for the sashimis without the rice which typically is a savvy buffet eater move
The noodle station where a chef whipped up piping hot bowls of fragrant smelling laksa (curry noodles)
Ta-da, we couldn't resist a bowl for ourselves. Honestly, I'm a little surprised that their laksa is actually pretty good. It's not overly spicy, yet flavorful and fragrant. Definitely one of the must try on your buffet list here
A pretty picture before all the gluttony starts. I actualy think ash brown hair looks pretty nice on me, no? haha *forgive my narcissism here*
Did I not mention that they also have dim sum? And quite a selection too, from buns like the char siew pau,  kaya, pandan, corn and red bean to siew mai, har gao and the likes. The dim sums are just ok only though
Yorkshire pudding corner. Roast chicken and roast lamb are among the selection of meat
We only asked for a small slice but they gave us such a huge chunk of roast lamb. Oh, they also have bake oysters
Yummy grilled salmons
The Indian corner with likes of tandoori, masala, chutneys and papadam
My choice of carbonara penne from the pasta corner. The carbonara is pretty not bad too, both creamy and milky at the same time

And at the end of the buffet (or even right from the beginning), there must always be room for desserts right? The dessert corner at Harbour Cafe is in fact quite extensive with colorful, sweet calling cakes, ice creams and macarons. Yes, there are even macarons at the buffet! (Most Johor Bahru buffets do not have macarons). Just the sight of those sweeties is enough to condition the tummy to open up to them.
Ah, a dark and white chocolate fountain with a variety of snacks to go with. Choose from fluffy marshmallows to crispy cookies and fruits, anything goes well with drizzling dripping chocolates anyway. The chocolate fountain is my favourite part at any buffet pronto
Chocolate fountains makes me all fuzzy and happy inside. It's unexplainable
Macarons, tarts and puddings to lure you
Unfortunately, their macarons tasted pretty soggy though. You know how macarons are usually crispy and a little fluffy but these macarons are all no longer crispy it makes me felt like biting into biscuits that had gone soft
Ice creams! You can choose to have them in bowls or cones
Lovely lovely cakes 
More hard to resist pretty cakes 
Never too old for chocolates, seriously. Willy Wonka should pick me as his heir
Fresh fruit juices! Love the guava juice but find the starfruit juice a little weird 
Harbour cafe- certainly recommended :)

Buffets always left me feeling like a happy little glutton at the end of the day and Harbour Cafe international buffet is no exception. Harbour Cafe thankfully did not disappoint us with their food and is easily one of my top favourite buffet place in JB right now. We really had a fantastic night stuffing ourselves silly so much so I believe I had probably gain some extra pound from all those eating that night alone. The buffet is not cheap (RM 78++ normal days and RM 128++ on Valentine's) but surely worth it since their food are overall delicious, fresh and leaves you a happy person at the end of the day.

Besides, being located at Puteri Harbour, likely one of the prettiest place in Johor Bahru currently for their promenade of marina, you can choose to admire the overall view of the marina from the hotel skybar or take a romantic stroll along the marina after your meal. Aside from taking in the lovely sight, it surely aids in digesting those extra calories away as well. :)
Down by the marina earlier in the day

Harbour Cafe,
Block 1, Level 1, Traders Hotel Puteri Harbour,
Nusajaya, Johor Bahru
Tel : 07- 560 8888
Opening hours : 6.30 am- 11.00 pm
No pork

** They currently only have buffet breakfast and dinner. When we first called up to inquire, they actually mistakenly told us they have buffet lunch and even reserve a place for us for lunch. Thankfully we called up again and found out there is no buffet lunch actually. Imagine all the hassle and inconvenience if we had shown up for lunch. That is seriously something I hope their management view seriously. **

PS : This is not an advertorial or paid review. All review are based on yours truly POV only, hence yours truly is not responsible in any discrepancy in taste or opinion. Thank you :)

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Melaka Food Trip Part 2

In conjunction with the long weekend we Johoreans enjoyed a fortnight ago, me and HT decided to do a trip up Melaka for some authentic Nyonya and Peranakan food escape. It's been a few months since our last food escape there (click here to read previous post) and I was craving for some real good cendol and satay celup. Blessed with smooth traffic, we reached the history rich heritage town right around noon.

Melaka is always pack on weekends, especially Saturdays and that Saturday was no exception. We decided to head straight in search for the best cendol in Melaka, the Aunty Koh's cendol as it is said those cendols are so popular that they sell like hotcakes. The stall is definitely not easy locating as it is located in a small village about 20 minutes from Melaka town and even with GPS, you have to keep your eyes really wide open to detect the stall. To look for it easier, look out for SK Bukit Rambai instead and Aunty Koh's humble stall is just beside the school. Her stall is located in front of what I presumed is her house with plenty of free parking spaces available.

We finally made it to Aunty Koh. Just 30 minutes into business, Aunty Koh was already packed with people with no tables available 
The very friendly Aunty Koh who single handedly runs the whole stall by herself. She is so busy that you have to self service almost everything, from collecting your cendol to cleaning up and washing your own bowls. At times, she even ask you to take your own change. But despite being so busy, she still finds time to chat with her customers and ensure that they are happy with their cendol
After almost 20 minutes of queue, at last, we got our hands on those lovely cendol. Do not underestimate this bowl of simple looking cendol for it really is one of the creamiest and richest cendol I had tried so far. The ice are pretty refined, the cendol (green starched short noodle with pandan flavor) chewy, the coconut milk creamy and pure and the palm sugar (gula Melaka) just right. In case you want more palm sugar, you can always request for more. Aunty Koh's cendol is more milky and creamy as compared to most other cendol which rely heavily on the taste of the palm sugar. However, I notice that our cendol came without the usual red beans. Nonethelss, her cendol is simply super yummy
Aside from cendol, she also sells Tai Bak, a Nyonya dessert that is on the verge of facing extinction. It looks like elongated pink and white cendol make up of 3 types of flour- rice, tapioca and wheat and served with sweet syrup so it is a pure sweet and light tasting dessert in contrast to the milky, heavy tasting traditional cendol. While the taste is not as outstanding, it is something different and thus, worth trying 
A satisfied me with my bowl of yummy Melaka cendol

I can totally see why Aunty Koh sells out so quickly and why people are willing to take the time and effort in searching for the place. After all, good things are definitely worth searching for. Her cendol is so good and makes a perfect cool dessert for a hot day. Aunty Koh only opens for a very short period of time (from like 12 pm onward till finish, usually in one to two hours time) on weekends. I believe she does not sell cendol in hoping to rake in big bucks but rather out of interest, as she is really dedicated in preparing each bowl of the cendol. Well, do plan your time properly so you that you will not miss out on her delicious cendol. 

Aunty Koh Cendol,
5113, Jalan Batang Tiga,
Kampung Bukit Rambai,
75250, Melaka
Opening hours - 12 pm till finish

Driving along the road towards Melaka town from Aunty Koh, we decided to stop by for some mouth watering Nyonya kuih at Baba Charlie Nyonya House, which is located at the end of an alleyway. There is a small sign that points towards the house from the main road, but again, I reckon using GPS is a much better option. Baba Charlie started off some 20 years ago selling traditional Nyonya kuih at the night market and now aside from selling at the night market, you can get their kuih at the Baba Charlie Nyonya House which has a variety of more than 35 types of kuih. 
The wide selection of delectable Nyonya kuih and cakes They also sell cookies, popiah and local nasi lemak
My favourite and the absolute must buy kuih at Baba Charlie is the ondeh ondeh. Wrapped in pandan leaves to enhance it's aroma, the soft, chewy ondeh ondeh is top with shredded coconut and sesame seeds, rendering it totally and absolutely tasty. Each mouthful comes bursting with palm sugar that sends a pleasuring sweet sensation trickling down the palate

We also bought a few other types of kuih from Baba Charlie such as the kuih dadar (the green kuih wrap with shredded palm sugar coconut inside), apam durian (which tasted pretty meh to me), pulut seri kaya pandan (the kuih with the green top and glutinous rice at the bottom) and kuih abu sago. Price at RM1 per piece, I'm not exactly sure if they are all worth that expensive because while the kuih are pretty decent tasting, they won't send the same explosive sensation down your food pipe like the ondeh ondeh does. Seriously, that's how good their ondeh ondeh is. You gotta try it to believe it. :)

Baba Charlie Nyonya House,
72, Jalan Tengkera Pantai 2,
75200 Melaka
Opening hours 11am to 3pm
Close on Thursday

After starting our day with desserts, we finally decided for some proper lunch but most of the Peranakan restaurants are close for lunch after 2 pm. Hence, we settled for Nancy's Kitchen along the Jonker street area. Even after the peak lunch hour, we still need to queue for a seat at Nancy's. 
Appetizer for the day- a type of Nyonya kuih known as pie tee (pai tee) or top hats namely because the shape of the kuih is like a hat. Crunchy on the outside and filled with fragrant slices of cucumber, sengkuang, eggs and fried onion inside topped with their nyonya chili sauce and fresh onion
One of the must not missed Peranakan dish- Chicken pongteh which is a Nyonya soybean-based chicken stew with potatoes and  mushrooms; a very heartwarming and comforting dish
Peranakan braised pork

Overall, food at Nancy's are pretty satisfying especially the pie tee. Food are serve pretty promptly too, hence filling our hungry tummy fast. Sharing of table might be required so it can get pretty awkward. It is worth a visit if you are in for a late lunch or is too lazy to go search elsewhere and just want to have a try of Peranakan food around Jonker street.

Nancy's Kitchen,
7, Jalan Hang Lekir,
Off Jln Tun Tan Cheng Lock,
75200 Melaka
Tel : +06-283 6099

Surprisingly despite the rainy season this month, Melaka was bright and sunny that day. Thus, after all the food, we decided for some coconut drink to cool down the heat. And what better place to go for coconut drink other than the very popular Klebang Original Coconut Shake. The humble stall is located at Klebang, which is out of the town area as well. Business was so good that day that not only we need to queue, the amount of cars parked along the main road were massive enough to cause slow moving traffic.
They have a policy of 'bungkus di luar, makan and minum sila ke dalam' which literally translates to 'take away outside, dine inside' as they have two separate stalls, one catering to those who want to take away at the road front and another for those who prefer to sit and drink at the stall located further down at the end of the alleyway. Honestly, people were making a beeline for their coconut shakes for both take away and dine in that day. We had to queue about 45 minutes ourselves
The must try extremely popular coconut shake! They usually have two version, one top with vanilla ice cream and another without but perhaps due to the massive crowd that day, they decided to sell only the special version with the vanilla ice cream. None the less, I'm not complaining as their coconut shake with vanilla ice cream is super awesome. The vanilla ice cream makes the drink milkier and creamier and together with the sweetness of the fresh coconut juice and bits of coconut flesh, the shake is heavenly
Double thumbs up. And the best part, it's only RM 2 per cup ♥

Klebang Original Coconut Shake,
Klebang 231-1, 
Batu 3 3/4,                                                                                                                                 
75250 Melaka
(next to Caltex petrol station)
Opening hours : 12.30pm to 6.30 pm daily, Friday 2pm to 6 pm

Our initial plan was to have satay celup, another famous Melaka dish for dinner, but when we saw the super long queues outside all the satay celup restaurants, we decided to head to Pak Putra for some super cheese naan instead. Even that, Pak Putra was almost full house. We were lucky we were there early and managed to get a table. 
The hallmark of Pak Putra- the chicken tandoori which is tender and indeed pretty good
Butter chicken masala which is just ok
Garlic lamb naan for HT
My off menu 4 layers cheese naan. Yes, this fat piece of crispy naan is filled with 4 layers of cheese goodness ♥. It's not in the menu but you can still order it and they will do it for you
I'm a happy girl. Hehe :)

Pak Putra is like the most famous mamak (Indian Muslim restaurant) in Melaka and personally, I felt the two best dishes there are their chicken tandoori and cheese naan. Their naan itself is a little smoky on the exterior but crispy and aromatic. The thick layer of cheese inside is a definite bonus. There are plenty of free parking around the restaurant but do go early, as the place gets more and more pack as late night approaches.

Pak Putra Tandoori and Naan Restaurant,
Jalan Laksamana 4,
Taman Kota Laksamana,
Tel : 012 601 5876
Opening hours : 6pm to 1 am (Closed on Monday)

Still having a little stomach space after our fattening dinner, we went back to the satay celup restaurant and was glad to see that the queue had subsided. Yay, finally able to satisfy those satay celup cravings! There are many satay celup restaurants in Melaka but my favourite among them all is the Ban Lee Siang, one of the oldest satay celup restaurant in town because I find their peanut aka satay sauce more thick, original and fragrant. Food selections are average though and prices per stick had gone up to like a minimal of RM 0.70 per stick. And mind you, alot of it are like 1 fishball per stick or 1 dumpling per stick for RM 0.70. Even eating satay celup is getting more and more expensive these days. I blame it on the over-commercialism of these food. 
You are free to take your pick from the selections available in the refrigerator
Hot, boiling delicious peanut sauce. Their sauce are recycled and recooked throughout the night, which mean to say, they merely just top up the sauce from time to time. Someone once told me that all the satay celup restaurants had never actually change their peanut sauce; they merely just recycled them all the time! That's actually one secret they use to maintain the deliciousness of their peanut sauce. How true is that, I do not know. But I really do not like the idea of eating someone else saliva, hence it gave me goose bumps whenever I thought of the possibility of that being true. That being said, I do wish to remind everyone to NEVER dip back sticks that you had put into your mouth into the pot. Just as you will not want to eat others saliva, no one want yours either. And please do not spit, sneeze or whatever into the pot. Let's all be more responsible eaters. TQVM :)
Our selection for supper. We don't think we could fit any more than these
Just simply dip your sticks into the boiling peanut sauce and let them cook and soak up the aromatic peanut sauce
Jeng jeng jeng, yummy yummy sticks of satay sauce soaked food. Happy supper to end the night ♥

Restoran Ban Lee Siang Satay Celup,
45 E, Jalan Ong Kim Wee,
75300 Bandar Hilir,
Tel 06-284 1935
Opening hours : Monday to Sunday, 5 pm to 12 midnight

After a whole day of eating, I'm pretty sure I had gained more calories that I could had burnt in a day. At the same time, with so many adversities happening around us of late (from the Philippines typhoon to our own Malaysia flood), I'm blessed that we are not affected in this part of the world and could still enjoy all the good food around. I certainly hope that things will get better for them soon and that someday, they too can come to Melaka and enjoy a food trip there. Well, seriously, a food trip up Melaka is always so rewarding, especially to satisfy those authentic Peranakan and Nyonya food cravings. :)

PS : This is an unpaid review or advertorial. All opinions are based on yours truly POV only. Hence any discrepancy in taste or opinion is very much regretted. :)

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